about EVOLVER experiences

Evolver empowers enriching group experiences in natural, eco-friendly spaces. We collaborate with you and your group to create intentionally designed experiences that enhance personal growth and strengthen social bonds.


our mission + ethos

We encourage participation and shared experiences to fuel our individual and collective growth. Through the co-creation of unique hospitality experiences, we empower personal growth and belonging for those seeking tribe.


Through the freedom to play, create and participate we tap into the creative genius within.


Connection to others and communal support are essential elements to a healthy sense of well-being.


Our journey of self-discovery and exploration is a continuous evolution as we uncover new layers of ourselves.


Intentional living, ancient wisdom and ceremony support us in grounding and transformation.


Through the conscious evolution of our individual and collective journeys we achieve new levels of connection, belonging and support.

co-operation // how it works

Your group has a unique ethos — we play the role of facilitator to translate that ethos into physical spaces and an intentional programming calendar, working behind the scenes to ensure a seamless and thoughtful event. With years of combined experience in hospitality and experiential design, our team will help create an inspiring schedule of activities and help to foster deep connection within the group on-site.


Evolver works with you to develop your vision and translate it into a unique program of events and activities based on the interests of your group.


We engage your group to work together and contribute to the events activities, encouraging every individual to participate in different roles, shifts and tasks.


The co-creation and participation in your group’s unique program of events provides opportunities to nourish minds & bodies, fostering reconnection to self and the collective.


Evolver’s facilitation delivers a powerful experience which has deepened connections and strengthened bonds within your group. The lessons of an enriching, magical experience are carried back into your lives.

what's included

  • High-end accommodations and glamping experience with full-size beds, furnishings and heat
  • Regenerative and bio-dynamic showers and toilets
  • Beautiful landscapes with access to pristine lakes, rivers, streams and waterfalls
  • Professionally designed communal spaces for your group’s experiences to come to life
  • Seasonal menus for farm-to-table dining experiences to break bread together
  • An enriching roster of group activities, including talent shows, speaker series, live music and nightly fire ceremony
  • Stage and sound for live music and performances
  • Curated sound experiences that tune the group into nature and each other
  • A safe, supportive environment for team building, curated by seasoned and conscious leaders
  • A promise to leave no trace

our environments

Evolver camps are high-end glamping destinations engineered to create a truly off-the-grid camping experience without compromising comfort. Nurture the soul of your community in natural environments just 100 miles outside of major cities.

experiential pillars


We collaborate with farmstead catering companies that blend old world and holistic food wisdom with contemporary cooking to keep your group fueled at all times.


Yoga, meditation, fire ceremony, lectures, talent shows, DJ’s, arts & crafts, sound healing, breathwork and other programming allow for a continuous flow of events and activities.


Sustainability is intrinsic to all of our efforts. Our intentionally designed spaces integrate with the natural surroundings to ensure a fully immersive off-the-grid experience and low environmental impact.


The concept of Evolver is about contributions and participation, so all individuals can share their gifts and talents to co-create the magic of their event.

our story

Evolver emerged from a tight-knit group of friends who wanted to share their love and passion for community building. Rooted in our team’s extensive experience in event production and community development, we aspired to co-create experiences with other groups to help them achieve what has so positively impacted our own lives.

Over the past decade we’ve hosted a wide variety of group experiences, and watched our circle grow from a group of twenty friends to a thriving community of 250+ people. Witnessing the power of connection and communal gathering on our members, both individually and collectively, inspired us to take what we learned beyond the confines of our own group. 

Evolver embodies this spirit to empower groups with the locations, structural resources and events programming that create memorable experiences which deepen connections, strengthen bonds and builds long-lasting group dynamics.

still have questions?

Does Evolver welcome all types of groups, including corporate retreats, sports teams or family gatherings?

Any type of group is welcome; our gatherings are designed to bring people closer together and facilitate deep connection, regardless of your group’s orientation or format. At this point, we can’t accommodate children under the age of 18. Our experiences are designed for a range of 30—50+ people.

What options are available in the event package?

Packaging options and pricing tiers vary according to the food & beverage menu, transportation, lodging and number of guests. Each of these elements will be carefully discussed and curated throughout the discovery phase.

Is transportation provided on-site to and from city hubs?

Evolver organizes group transportation for a fee, as well as provides options for bus, train and carpooling. All locations have parking on-site for participants who want to drive themselves.

What happens if there is inclement weather the weekend of my gathering?

Weather happens, and we’re prepared at every stage of our operations to make swift, flexible changes. Our on-site team are fully trained in participant safety, as well as prepared to adapt the programming schedule to ensure a smooth event, regardless of the weather conditions.

What if our group has no real ethos or cohesive identity and we need to develop one?

As a part of the discovery process, Evolver works directly with group organizers to identify their identity and ethos. Our role is to develop programming that is catered to your group’s unique dynamics. Supporting you through this phase is an integral part of our process.

What if I want to continue my EVOLVER experience outside of the retreat—are there smaller experiences or opportunities to re:group in my city?

Most groups meet on their own an average of 5+ times a year, and as relationships deepen, there is greater incentive by the group to meet and connect. The experience of re:grouping itself is designed to encourage long-standing relationships to form in smaller, more intimate settings.

Are there EVOLVER locations near to me?

EVOLVER operates pop-up camps that are set up on an average of six months, so you can join our mailing list to learn as we announce new locations. This mobile camp experience allows us to create diversity in the experience we provide and expand our offerings across regions.

What can a typical day look like?

Everyday is different based on the individual group, but there are core activities we integrate into programming that facilitate group participation. Some of these core offerings include: communal dining, yoga & wellness workshops, music, live performances, dancing — and pleasant surprises.


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